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A dark colored cage cover to help your pet bird feel safe and secure while sleeping at night,
as well as protect him from drafts.

Our principles

Keep pet birds like they are your own children

Only ONE right way to trim wings!

Speak softly and carry a BIG heart!

Some words about
Working Since 1982

KC Bird Whisperer International LLC is a new Avian company.
Founded in 2015. Rooted and growing since the early 80's.

Mike Kiger learned to work with pet birds and pet bird behavior in the early 80's during a position in a major pet store franchise working as a pet bird salesman. He was mentored by an Ornitholigist who spent many years in Africa studying birds and other animals. His mentor still owns three pet stores in the USA that gross over one million dollars per year.

Since learning basic pet bird keeping, handling, grooming and taming in the 80's Mike Kiger has scaled up his pet bird training & grooming skills to a professional level.